The Distance From Miami Airport To South Beach

The Distance From Miami Airport To South Beach

South Beach neighbors Miami city from the east, it is commonly referred to as SoBe. The South Beach has beautiful beaches, famous art scenes and bar scene which attract tourists in Miami. Getting to the beach from the airport is a 30 minute drive depending on the means of transport used. It is about 12 miles from the airport, with heavy traffic, you may take a longer time than expected. The means of transport determines the time taken because some are faster while others are slow. Rented cars recommended for passengers are taken around all the famous Miami areas that have the best sceneries.

If you decide to board a

If you decide to board a bus, you are likely to reach faster because buses take 20 to 30 minutes to reach South Beach. It is not convenient for those with luggage, people who need to know Miami city. Buses make stops in every stage around Miami, making it easier for visitors to locate their stopping point. With heavy traffic, you will delay because buses cannot meander like small cars or overtake easily. The time taken for passengers to alight at different stops reduces your arrival time, especially if you are late. This means of transport is preferred by those who need to save money, bus fare is cheaper than uber or rented cars.

The Distance From Miami Airport To South Beach

Taking a rented car will enable you to go to a coffee shop to fulfill your stomach’s needs. Rental cars normally take straight shots along FL-839E, making it easier to travel faster during peak hours. In normal traffic, you will reach South Beach within 20 to 30 minutes. These cars have toll-by-plate capabilities, which caters for toll fees along the highways. You will pass through ocean drive, Collins Avenue Shopping Area, and Lincoln Road Mall on your way to South Beach. These places are along the way, making it possible to locate destinations of your journey.

Getting lost from the airport is difficult for the rental cars, buses, and taxis are located in a strategic position enabling easy access immediately you alight the airplane. Taxi charges $35 from the airport to the beach, and there is a possibility of cost sharing with a fellow passenger. The taxis pass through Lincoln Road where you can request to alight do some shopping, eat and continue to your destination. Popular rides from Miami airport to South Beach are uber Lyft-ride sharing, which charge $20 approximately to Lincoln Road.

It is not too far traveling from Miami airport to South Beach, the journey is approximately less than 15 miles. Time taken is 30 minutes in normal traffic, the quickest means being a taxi. Passengers can alight at every stop depending on their destinations and interest in travel. The route 150 buses are more convenient for their easy access, cheap transport, and safety of your luggage. Every means chosen ensures passenger’s comfort with easily accessible services like shopping and drinks. Book your tickets today to go and enjoy the fascinating Miami breeze, get picked directly from the airport to the beach.

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